Jeju, Jeju-do, South Korea for Weird Erotic Statues

Couple culture is huge in Korea, and Jeju seems to be the favorite destination for newlyweds and young couples in general. Pair that up with the state’s increasing efforts to boost country’s birthrate and you end up with what? A sex-themed love park, why of course! “Love Land” is a tourist attraction that first opened in 2004, featuring dozens of sculptures and other art pieces made mostly by students from the Hongik University.

Walking through the park it almost makes it seem like you’re not really in Korea and that someone is pulling a prank on you. But still, you can’t help but stare at the elaborate statues of naked bodies, various sex acts and some that were just bizarre and didn’t quite know what they represented. Of course, no love park would be complete without a racy toy shop, where you can witness curious tourists, both Korean and international, gawking and giggling at the products, rather than being interested in purchasing some. All in all, definitely a fun getaway if you’re looking a different type of adventure while you’re in Korea!

Insider Tip

Make sure to go when the weather is nice because rain or mud definitely isn’t sexy.

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