Joshua Tree National Park for Pizza and Indian Food

Joshua Tree is an amazing desert escape, filled with awe inspiring rock structures , cacti, and Joshua trees. It’s a great place for a weekend of camping, rock scrambling, hiking, and being outdoors. I come out here a couple times a year to get away from LA when it’s not too hot in the desert. Temperatures can get pretty low during the winter and spring and I had it snow on me once on St. Patrick’s Day, which was so pretty to see.

But not only is J Tree great for camping it’s also great for Pizza and Indian food, which are both available at Sam’s Pizza and Indian food located in the town of 29 Palms just outside the park. We went with a big group and didn’t have a wait. Everyone ordered something different and everyone left satisfied. We all tried a different Indian dish including saag, tikka masala, korma, naan, and more. The only thing I know we wouldn’t get again were some pickled something or other that were not good at all. Next time I go I’m going to get a curry pizza or some sort of crossover dish to see how that is!

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Joshua Tree National Park

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