Kailua-Kona, HI, United States for Old Kona Airport State Recreation Area

I was fascinated by the word “Old Kona” as it is of historical value, and the thing that it is an abandoned airport runway really peaked up my interest. The airport was built during World War II, but closed down in 1970 after completion of larger Kona International Airport. After a period of time, in 1976 this area was turned into family recreational spot. To fulfill my curiosity, I went there, and the park is just one turn off the main road. The interesting thing is that the length of the runway actually leads to the beach, So the overwhelming length of the runway was worth crossing (As it seems like forever driving the runway).

The Old Kona Airport State Beach park is the ideal location for family get together, as it is a perfect place for picnics, BBQ’s in serene natural environment. This place has plenty of beautiful, giant trees which can be used for shades, plus it has lava pools which are a great attraction for children. It also has well arranged picnic tables. The beautiful beach is so serene and the gusts of cool air made the scene more soothing. It is more of a picnic beach than a swimming beach, as the beach water is littered with volcanic rocks.

I find this place as a perfect recreational area, and is a must visit place for beach lovers. Most catchy thing about this place is its history, and fascination to see the old runway.

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Westin Maui Rresorts and Spa


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