Karelia, Russia for Kizhi Island

I took a river cruise, this is the first cruise I took a part of, it was a fun experience. We started in St Petersburg we spent 4 days around St. P. From there we went to Mandrogy which is a cool place that I am glad we stopped in but the highlight of the whole trip came next in my opinion. We stopped in Kizhi, this is part of Lake Onego, there are 1600 islands. On the island of Kizhi there is the Transfiguration Church. This building is completely wooden, and in perfect bubbling Russian style it rises into an instantly recognizable landmark. I have visited Russia a couple time in the past, mostly sticking around Moscow, but Kizhi is truly one of Russia’s unmissable attraction. We got four hours of time on the island, this is more than enough time to visit the main church and to stroll up to the lived in village Yamka. Stay on the marked paths as ticks are very bad here and possibly carry encephalitis. Either way, if you have the opportunity to visit Kizhi do not pass it up!

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