Kotor, Montenegro for Mediterranean Atmosphere with an Edge

Kotor is known to most foreign tourist as being like a mini-Dubrovnik, only recently discovered, so not as overly crowded as the aforementioned town, while still holding all the similar attractions – old architecture, big mountains, lovely seaside. However, since most of my family comes from this little piece of the Mediterranean, I can vouch that this town has more to offer than your usual old-stone-architecture/palm trees/cobbled road combo once you scratch beneath the surface. This is why I will skip the obvious sightseeing spots in this post.

In recent years, due to the sheer enthusiasm of its residents, Kotor has really upped its cultural events game. Over the summer months, the town hosts KotorArt festival, which is divided into its own separate events dedicated to music, theater, dance and much more. For example, as a part of town’s indie-rock festival called SeaRock, this year Kotor will host Wilco (for a free show!) and several other big names. For those who are more into society and politics, Kotor has also hosted the so-called “Philosophers Piazza”, where they invite influential thinkers from all over the globe to comment on current affairs, which can be turned into a quite interesting events, especially when argumentative locals try to chime in. Probably most fun nights in the Old Town are on the Carnival or during Boka Night, when colorfully decorated boats make rounds in the Bay after which tourists and locals alike take the party to the Old Town that lasts until dawn. On regular night, though, Kotor has a couple of pretty cool spots if you’re not into boring pasta/seafood restauran + jangly Italian-like music in background combination. One of them is Bandiera, near the Gurdić gate (there’s also a really neat hostel next to it), where you will be able to listen to edgier music selection and maybe meet some fun locals.

Insider Tip

The phrase that describes Kotor locals the best is “nije preša”, which can be literally translated as “no pressure”!

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