La Paz, La Paz Department, Bolivia for City Adventures

I wasn’t sure what to expect from La Paz. I knew it was the highest big city/capital in the world, and that it really wasn’t a major tourist destination. Beyond that, I had little in the way of a mental image.

It turns out that La Paz is a difficult city to characterize. Generally, there’s not a lot of wealth. Hotels are rare, hostels common. I always felt safe, but never investigated some of the poorer ares of the city. Decent food is easy to find; *great* food is difficult (although see my Jrrny about Restaurant Gustu for a notable exception).

I’m not sure any city in the world spans so much vertical distance (over 2500′ between the lower and upper parts of the city). Get used to walking, and breathing hard.

Insider Tip

I would highly recommend staying on or near Av. Illampu. It’s the most interesting part of the city.

Where I stayed / started

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