Las Vegas for the Best Bloody Mary

Lets get real and talk about Bloody Marys for a second. Whether you are babying your hangover, lets face it, youre in vegas… You are babying a hang over all of the time or you just arent “Vegasing” correctly. This tomato and vodka concoction will cure your ills. BUT at Hexx you get a small meal and a cure for your hangover. I went there after a great night out in Vegas, so lets just say, I needed this. I ordered The Colossal. I needed to go big so thats what I did. The Colossal is served in a mini-pitcher loaded up with organic basil-infused vodka, bloody mary mix, jumbo shrimp, alaskan king crab leg, bacon, a beef stick, peppers, and pickled veggies. Let me be frank, it is $38 but, it is completely worth it when you are in need of everything in your life that is needed to be served in a glass

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