Las Vegas, NV for Chinatown

In a desperate search to find anything to do outside of spend far too much money on extravagant clubs and gamble on the strip I came across the fact that Las Vegas has a Chinatown. Though it is nowhere near as expansive as San Francisco’s, it was still something off the damn strip. So I put in my order for Uber and cruised over to Chinatown. Unlike the Chinatowns of San Francisco and New York that are large neighborhoods in the city, this one is a series of strip malls that are West of the strip on Spring Mountain Road. These strip malls are very plain at first look but when you cruise through each set of doors you walk in to very vibrant and traditional little shops and eateries. Being the overgrown child that I am I stocked up on a plethora of stink and smoke bombs to leave in random corners of places. That’s another story. I ended up eating at this restaurant where even the English subtitles were difficult to understand and it was some of the best food I’ve ever had. I literally had cubes of boiled pig blood that resembled dark jello but were amazing. Chinatown is not the most fantastic sight but definitely worth cruising through for great food and rad trinkets.

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Palms Place Luxury Condo Strip view

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