Las Vegas, NV for Fremont Street Experience

I have a love hate relationship with Vegas because I love all the shows and general spectacle that the city is but I am not huge on gambling or crazy expensive nightclubs. That is why the Fremont Street Experience is right up my alley. Officially named the Viva Vision it is a 1,500 feet long, 90 feet wide video screen that is made up of 12.5 million energy-efficient LED lamps. Depending on the time of year the shows run about six minutes every hour until midnight or 1 AM. Walking up to this side-attraction off the Vegas Strip is a spectacle in itself as there are neon signs flashing under the massive screen doubling as a roof for Freemont Street that contains some of Vegas’ oldest casinos. Outside of the insanely psychedelic light show the number one thing that I remember from this part of Vegas were the deep fried Twinkies being advertised on jumbotrons by scantily clad women enjoying them in a less than family friendly manner. More than the girls enjoying them, I was more than intrigued by the thought that you could legitimately make a Twinkie even more unhealthy than it already was. So of course I had to get one! As I stood there staring at the light show coordinated with classic rock of the 60’s and 70’s while eating my artery clogging delicacy, I realized that I was living out yet another childhood fantasy. It was great.

Where I stayed / started

Condo at Vdara (Bellagio lake view)

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