Las Vegas, NV for The Downtown Container Park

The Vegas container park is an composed of old shipping containers that have been re-purposed to house local businesses and eateries with a quaint courtyard in the middle that includes a jungle gym for kids. This place provided a nice break from the hectic nature of the strip and allowed me take a second to just breathe. The store that I remember most was a place called the Lil’ Art Bodega that was both a store for supplies as well as a place to buy local, handmade art. Don’t get me wrong the container park still has that over the top Vegas hustle but it is a little more watered down. So next time you’re in Vegas and the mixture of confetti and gallon margaritas start to rub you raw, head to the container park If you have trouble finding it then look for the giant, metal praying mantis out front. Sorry, look for the giant fire-breathing praying mantis out front.

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