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Las Vegas, NV, United States for the Electric Daisy Carnival (EDC).

Even people that know me well were surprised to hear that I was attending EDC (Electric Daisy Carnival). It’s always been one of my Bucket List items in life as I enjoy various styles of EDM (Electric Dance Music). EDC? EDM? Perhaps these famous artists may give you an idea: Zedd, Tiesto, Alesso, Calvin Harris, The ChainSmokers, Steve Aoki – I can go on but you get an idea now. 

EDC happens all over the world but I’ve heard Vegas was the best. Additionally, I live in LA so it’s only a few hours of a drive to get to Vegas. I paid the hefty amount for a General Admissions ticket for the 3 day music festival, an official shuttle pass, took 5 days off and booked my room at the Luxor. 

Now I know you’re thinking “EDC is for drug users” and I’m here to tell you it’s not. While I understand and can confirm that there are users there, most of the attendees were sober, as was I – I don’t even drink alcohol that much. I had the same image of EDC and was proven very wrong; everyone I interacted with were completely sober and simply enjoying the music. 

I didn’t know what to expect other than what you can research through the internet and Instagram. I was shocked by the size of this event and have a lot of respect for Insomniac, the company that arranges all the EDCs for managing it. Supposedly in 2004, there were over 400,000 attendees (could be between the 3 days, not sure) and it sure felt like it. 

The festival starts on Friday evening, all the way through Monday. Each day starts at 7:00PM and ends around 6:00AM – I know, totally crazy! You have the opportunity to purchase parking passes or shuttle passes (or a helicopter if that’s how you roll) and I’m so glad I bought a shuttle pass. The traffic to EDC, which was located at the Motor Speedway, was insane. The shuttle actually drove through the Air Force base to save time from traffic – I definitely recommend doing that if you’re pondering. I heard from fellow EDC attendees that driving was a pain. Not recommended. Oh and if you think you can take a taxi, consider the $90 one way price and the fact that taxi drivers will make any excuse not to take you all the way out there. 

The festival itself was beyond what I could have ever imagined. The grounds was massive, loud and extremely vibrant. People were friendly, there were plenty of food trucks and free filtered water stations to keep hydrated – you know, in 100 degree heat at 8:00PM. If you can imagine the Electric Carnival at Disneyland, it’s that multiplied by 5,000. The stages are unique, beautiful and always packed. There were tons of fireworks on top of the nightly fireworks show; more fireworks in 3 days than I’ve ever seen in my life, probably! Absolutely stunning. Everyone had the most unique outfits and totems, I loved them all. 

If you’re wondering what EDC is like, here you go. If you’re considering attending, I recommend it, just specifically for Vegas. I can’t speak for other locations as I’ve never been to them but according to several people, Vegas is the main jam for EDC. It’s a lot of fun and there’s nothing like listening to a number of your favorite artists performing in one festival. 

Make sure you check out my Instagram for more photos and my blog for updates – a more detailed post on my EDC experience will be up soon! 


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Wear comfortable shoes – you’ll be walking A LOT.

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