Lincoln City, Oregon for Beach combed. Casino. Drinks. Arcade. Walked the beach, bonfire, ate a lot. So much fun!

It was so fun! We had a jacuzzi room. Beach access was 2 minutes from the Motel, so we didn’t have to drive, and find parking. Walked the beaches, (7 miles of beach) and looked for floats. They put out these glass globe things and hide them on the beaches, called Finders Keepers. I didn’t find one. But next time. Collected tons of shells, beautiful rocks, and agate.

Went to the Casino. There is a shuttle to and from, so we didn’t have to drive. We ate at the Buffet. So good! so much food. Gambled a bit.

Went into town, and checked out all the different stores. They have a prehistoric store, tons of antique stores, and candy shops. Went to the outlet mall. Did a little shopping.

Drove to Newport. which is about half hour away. Went to Ripley’s Believe it or not, Wax museum, and the Aquarium. We were able to get all that done in one day. Plus went to eat, went and saw the sea lions, and went to the Underwater garden. fun day.

There are a couple of arcade’s in town. Went and had some fun. Old games, for us older kids. Ate lots of places. So much good food! Beautiful views everywhere you go.

Where I stayed / started

Whistling Winds Motel

Have you done this? What can you add to this jrrny?

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