Lofoten for Distinctive scenery with dramatic mountains and peaks

When you traveling to Norway, you should definitely visit the northen part of the country or so called Nordland, where Lofoten archipelago is situated. The archipelago itself is consisted of six major islands Austvågøy, Vestvågøy, Flakstadøy, Moskenesøy, Værøy, Røst. Rich sea life, coral reefs, high mountains and the beautiful, devine nature makes this place the Paradise of the North.
Just on a couple-of-hour flight from the capital Oslo, I decided to visit this amazing part of the country at all cost. Setting foot in Austvågøy I took the first breath of the crispy air running through my body. It was one of these moment when you feel inner piece and quiet. Not long after my arrival I decided that my limited time was running and I wanted to take as much as I can out of this place. That is way I grabed a bike and let my journey begin. Fortunately, there was a well marked cycling route. These route is a mixture of public road and cycle-path which was a wonderful combination. Traffic was light, although in July there may be a lot of campervans. There is a dedicated cycling ferry which sails between Ballstad and Nusfjord, allowing cyclists to avoid the long, steep Nappstraum tunnel. The route hugs the coastline for most of its length where it is generally flat. As it turns inland through the mountain passes there are a couple of 3-400 meter climbs.
After some hours of biking I felt pretty energized but not tired, may be just hungry. I headed Marmælen Restaurant which is said to be one of the best places to eat in Mortsund. The restaurant otself is situated in the heart of Lofoten and typical fish dishes are served here. It was a long day out in the North so I headed to my hotel. I was excited bcause after a couple of hours I would go out hunting. Hunting the Aurora Borealis – the most unique, picturesque, one in a lifetime experience. The night was cold and the sky was clear wich was quite promising. Soon after 11 pm I want out and with my first step out of the hotel I saw lights dancing in the sky. It was absolutely surreal phenomena. Drown in the moment I actually spent the whole night till sunrise with my eyes on the sky. I did not feel any cold or exhaustion just enjoyed life thinking how small people are.

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