London, England for 5 Haunted Pubs

Being a night owl with a nack for finding good watering holes in any locale. London was no different and when I found out that the city had a serious of haunted pubs I was hooked. Two of my favorite things. Drinking and ghost stories! So here is a tentative list of the 5 pubs I was able to visit in my stay.

5) The Spaniard’s Inn – Spaniards Road, Hampstead, NW3

From The Website: Highwayman Dick Turpin’s father was the landlord of this pub in 18th Century and Turpin was said to have used it as a hideout. Turpin’s ghost is said to haunt the upstairs room, while unsuspecting drinkers downstairs have had their sleeves tugged by the hand of ‘Black Dick’, a moneylender who was knocked down by a coach on the road outside. A horse is said to haunt the car park, most probably Turpin’s trusty Black Bess.

4) The Volunteer – 247 Baker Street, NW1

From The Website: This pub occupies the remains of the burned-down mansion owned by the much-feared Neville family in 17th century. The original cellars are still in use and are said to be haunted by Richard Neville’s ghost who appears dressed in surcoat, breeches and fancy stockings.

3) The Old Queens Head – 44 Essex Road, N1

From The Website: Sir Walter Raleigh was a visitor of the original pub but it was pulled down to make way for the current building. Today’s pub is haunted by the ghost of a Tudor woman and a weeping girl, thought to be a mother and child that met a sticky end. Doors open and close without reason and their footstep can be heard as they run through the passageways.

2) The Grenadier – 18 Wilton Row, SW1

From The Website: One of the most haunted pubs in the world, this pub is also famous for being the Duke of Wellington’s local. Its main attraction is the ghost of a young guards officer in 18th Century who was killed following the discovery that he was cheating at cards – strange poltergeist activity and clouds of cigar smoke have been reported.

1) Old Bull & Bush – North End Way, NW3

From The Website: This pub has been haunted for over a hundred years by a dark figure in Victorian clothing. Recent renovations may have uncovered the reason – bricked up behind a wall in the cellar was an old skeleton and Victorian surgical instruments.

Have you done this? What can you add to this jrrny?

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