London, England for Southbank Skate Park

Southbank is one of those spots that even if you don’t skate it is still a very iconic place to visit. In a lazy comparison, it is like the Venice Skate Park of England. It is the epicenter of UK skateboarding, it is the inspiration for a myriad of successful businesses and has been the training ground for some of the greatest skaters in the industry. Being an avid skateboarder I absolutely had to visit this place. My first impression was that is was much more spread out than I envisioned it and there was no trace of the notorious localism I had heard of. Then again all things of that nature have mellowed out with the further acceptance of skateboarding in pop culture. It really did remind me of Venice in the fact there are always just random tourists taking turn to stand on the rails and watch a mixture of kids and grown adults toss themselves around on concrete. Again, skate or don’t skate the Southbank is worth at least 10 minutes of your day.

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