London for Pub Dinner

Can’t come to London and not have lunch or dinner in a pub. I mean why come at all if you’re not going to indulge a little bit with a couple pints and a meal? And obviously you have to see Big Ben, so we opted to do both of these while visiting London on a short trip throughout the UK.

I’m not one to assume your tastes, but if you’re in London I’m sure at some point fish and chips, shepherd’s pie, or something similar might start to sound pretty good. Throw a stone and you’re bound to find an establishment more than apt at serving you a delicious meal alongside a strong pint. For the more cautious, you can always Google or Yelp it for some added insurance, and for the vegetarians or vegans, I’d recommend the Coach and Horses, which has a lot of the old standbys in animal-free form.

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