London, United Kingdom for London's most Historic River Thames Crossing Tower Bridge

On my tour to London, Tower bridge was on on top of the must go places in my list. Tower bridge is famous for its history, Victorian architecture, and 24/7 beauty, all around the world. The most interesting thing that I experience is the Glass floor walkway, which gives not only exciting but also a bit trembling vibes in me. Walking on the glass walkways above 42 meters of river Thames while watching river vessels sail under the bridge was some magical experience. The spectacular panoramic view from the bridge is simply breathtaking and take you to some serene and overwhelming feelings. Well another fun and fascinating thing is “Bascules” bridge, which are still lifted once a day to allow the boats to pass under the bridge. The walkway between the two bridges gives an ultimate beautiful view which is really unforgettable.
Inside the bridge is Tower bridge exhibition, which basically is the passing area between two towers encompassing the glass walkway. Here you can observe the Victorian engine room (it really take you back in the history), and there is much to observe and learn about the history of bridge through displayed photos, and videos.
Taking photographs with tower bridge behind is like a ritual for every visitor, and is the most favorite tourist activity. And now the newly installed glass floor walkways have increased the thrill and excitement to see red London double Decker buses under your feet. All in all it’s fun to visit Tower bridge now.

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