London, United Kingdom for Sightseeing at Trafalgar Square

Being in London, and not visiting Trafalgar Square is impossible, actually it was a high feature in my top must visit places list. Trafalgar Square is literally present in the center of London, with beautiful classic work of art in National gallery, and the National Portrait Gallery. The best thing about these galleries is that they are free for every visitor, and it was a great experience seeing the art at its peak. Trafalgar Square is home to Nelson’s Column and the lions. I was really surprise by the height of Nelson’s column. You can see lots of people of all nationalities here, taking pictures by the statues. It is inexpressible feeling to sit by the water and dangle your feet in the fountain, especially in the hot summers day. The place was really crowded, and among the crowd were some people playing music, and I was loving it.
The Square remain jam packed with visitors in the morning, so you I decided to visit at night. Above all its Art and beauty, night view of Trafalgar Square is majestic, I returned there again in the night to feel this pleasure and it was so calm, even more beautiful, and serene. The atmosphere there was really relaxing . One cannot miss a visit at Trafalgar Square, when being in London.
All in all the Trafalgar Square is very well maintained, tidy and an iconic landmark of London, that showcase the impressive art and interesting places. This is the world’s best place to be in.

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The Grand at Trafalgar Square

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