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I love meat. I just love how the juices feel in the mouth when you take a bite. My dad worked as a chef in his entire life. We would visit his restaurant on most weekends and he would serve us steak or ribs. And that is how I came to like meat from a tender age. I am grown up right now and once in a while I visit restaurants that prepare ribs and steak. I find this pretty exciting. It is not just the meals or the eating itself. It is the whole process of preparing the meat, the perfect combination of flavours, herbs and smells that can make even a vegetarian to take a bite.
During one of my holidays in California, I had the chance to visit The Animal Restaurant which instantly became my favourite joint. On this particular day their two master chefs Jon Shook and Vinny Dotolo would be in town and this was not an opportunity that I would let pass me by. They had advertised that they will be preparing their famous Buffalo style crispy pig’s tail for lunch. I had a friend from abroad travelling with me and being a meat lover herself she decided to join me. We arrived at the Restaurant by noon just as the meal was about to be served.
The steak was juicy and well cooked. The spices were applied in the right amounts and they complimented the steak perfectly well. We ate to our fill. I went for a second helping and my friend did so as well. We could not get enough of it. When lunch was over, we were served with fresh salad and a glass of juice.
The service was exceptional. The waiters were customer-friendly and the presence of the two master chefs made the whole trip worthwhile. To all the meat lovers out the, the Animal Restaurant is the place to be.

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Do not forget to book a table in advance!

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