Los Angeles, California for Exploring an Abandoned Zoo

I love photoshoots of abandoned warehouses and other creepy places, but I’ve always been too scared to go to somewhere like that on my own. However, right before my trip to L.A., I heard about an abandoned zoo in Griffith Park. It’s the old L.A. zoo that closed down in the sixties and some of the cages and animal habitats are still there and you can even climb into some of them. There are also old graffitied buildings as well. This seemed like a good compromise for me, since it’s more open and has a lot of visitors, but still has the creep factor that makes abandoned places so interesting. We spent about an hour wandering around and pretending to be caged animals – very fun! It would be a great place to do a crazy modeling shoot or something like that.

Photos via Flickr users Rachel Obscura, Eli Duke, and Renee Silverman

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