Manitou Springs, CO, United States for The Incline

I finally joined the mile high club! It was a long, rigorous journey filled with determination, a few moments of lost hope and lots of heavy breathing. The Incline is a mile long, 45-degree hike up the side of a mountain just West of Downtown Manitou Springs. You can actually see the second half of it towering over the town as it taunts you from its high position in the horizon. The entire trek up, stair-by-stair, it will let you know just how small and insignificant you really are. It will try to convince to you to turn back, especially at the halfway mark. However, if you conquer that beast you will be rewarded with both relief and a view worth writing a whole other Jrrny about. I won’t but that is just how worth it this hike is. Don’t wimp out on this one.

Where I stayed / started

Respite, relaxation, healing....

Have you done this? What can you add to this jrrny?

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