Mexico City, Mexico for Dia de Muertos

I’ve never been to a party like the one I attended for Dia de Muertos in Mexico City. I have also never been to Mardis Gras but I can assume it is the whiskey version of this. Traditionally, this day is dedicated to remember and honor your ancestors in their spiritual journey. All politics and past aside, the city really lets loose for this day. There is one massive parade that winds through the city until reaching the center with hoards of people lining the streets watching while others are inside local businesses consuming a healthy amount of tequila. Dressed as a mariachi with plastic skull mask covering my face I found myself eventually entering the center square with absolutely zero wiggle room for the most part. Fortunately I was with a group of friends and as we danced around with others surrounding us you could feel the energy of the crowd pulsating through every part of your body. Then again it could’ve just been the agave from the tequila. We eventually found our way back to our Airbnb for a quick regrouping followed by a night of fiesta filled times at a nearby hotel that used to be some rich person’s private pueblo. If you are not comfortable in crowds there are plenty of vantage points in the buildings that rise above the streets with their own miniature celebrations taking place as well. Not to mention the dollar to peso conversion rate is 10 to 1 so even I was a rich man there.

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Centro Historico - Full Studio

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