Mexico for The Resort Life and Ocean Excursions

Mexico can get a bad wrap sometimes, but if you know where to go and how to get there , it has a lot to offer and it’s absolutely beautiful. My girlfriend and I took a trip to Huatulco, Mexico for an affordable all inclusive resort experience and it was absolutely incredible. I do feel slightly bad about the all-inclusive aspect of the stay, but I view this as a taste test before going back for a more authentic Mexican vacation.

Our room was pristine and kept incredibly clean by the staff and our room even had a hot tub built into the balcony. It was an all you can eat and drink experience so we spent a lot of time enjoying the cucumber lime cocktails in addition to any and everything else we could think up in terms of drinks. The food was also pretty good with a lot of options from the many different restaurants on the premises. The resort is right on the beach so there were a lot of options of what to do on the beach as well. Someone got married while we were there and lit up the night with a bunch of airborne lanterns, which seemed like a beautiful way to do a wedding (on the beach at sunset, hard to beat). We took the Kayaks out for a day and paddled around the bay. One thing is, the beach is technically not owned by the resort, so there are a lot of vendors offering their services and peddling their wares, which can be a little irritating when you’re just trying to relax on the beach, but they’re just trying to making a living so whatever, and that’s where met Pilo Vasquez who runs his own business of taking people out on his boat to fish or snorkel, so that was fortunate.

Pilo was super nice and wasn’t too pushy when we met him on the beach. He had a booklet of all the activities he offered and we tentatively booked a snorkeling trip with him for the next day. He had nothing but stellar reviews online, almost to the point where it seemed too good to be true, but the next day he proved worthy of all the good recommendations when he provided a great day taking us to a number of local bays and showing us where to find cool marine life and letting us fish a little bit. We even saw some turtles mating out at sea! Pilo also took us to some of the local restaurants right on the water near the bays where we could snorkel, so it was an option to support some of the local businesses.

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Dreams Huatulco Resort and Spa

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