Miami for Beach Life

Generally, I’m someone who would choose to go camping when I have some vacation time, but a group of friends got together and decided to go in on a trip to Miami for some reason, and being that my girlfriend wanted to go, I had to go. Not that I’m against a relaxing trip to tropical locations, or just relaxing in general, I just tend to stress out about money in this type of situation and Miami hotels are fairly pricy. Somehow we found this “Jungle Villa” as they described it, and with a couple other couples, the price per person was very reasonable, especially considering we had our own pool and hot tub.

We spent most days down at the beach snorkeling and paddling around in rented kayaks and enjoying all the local Cuban food we could stomach. I’d recommend any of the sandwiches at Tinta y Café on Brickell and the plantain chips were fantastic. Snorkeling was also great as the water was super clear. We saw a lot of sea life at both Vista Park Reef and Pompano Beach Dropoff.

I really can’t say enough good things about our rental though. It made the trip so much better than if we’d stayed at a hotel. Everyone was together drinking coffee in the morning and enjoying beers at our private pool at night. Definitely made the trip.

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