Miami for Pretending to be Scarface (Automatic Machine Gun Shooting Range)

I am always on the fence about the topics about using guns for fun. But my friend invited me along so I decided I would give it a shot, especially since it was my last couple of days in Miami. He was talking about how all of the guns that they have are exotic and fully automatic machine guns, this to me sounds intimidating. We went to Lock & Load Miami, this is Florida’s premier machine gun experience and state of the art shooting range. We found Lock & Load in the Wynwood district.They have the nation’s largest variety of automatic firearms with over 25 fully automatic machine guns. The packages range differently this means price is a variable that you can look at on their site.

I was taken to my shooting lane, explained the workings of the gun, and the staff made sure we felt safe. I do admit though that when going against a friend it was quite fun to compare targets. I enjoyed my experience, they were very professional.

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