Milwuakee for The Harley Davidson Museum

My old man’s been riding bikes as long as I’ve been around, so when we both happened to find ourselves in Milwaukee, hitting up the Harley Davidson Museum was a must.

Even if you’re not super into bikes, the museum is a rad place to learn about the motorcycle industry and a small corner of American history. Seeing the engine and body developments over the years and seeing all the custom tanks and memorabilia was super cool, and it was definitely a lot better getting to experience it with my pops, who’s ridden all over the US on his HD. We definitely could’ve spent a lot longer reading up on everything there, but there came a time when our moods started to turn and that meant it was time for some food and beer. God bless Milwaukee for the motorcycle and beer legacy you’ve given this great country, and please remember not to combine the two!

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Harley Davidson Museum

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