Minglanilla, Central Visayas, Philippines for Refreshments

When I was still in the first year of my college, cafes were already a sprouting business in Cebu City, Philippines. Everywhere you go, there are always those Korean themed cafe for people who would like to have a peace of mind, for those who would like to do some of their freelance work, or just for those group of friends who just want to hang out over a coffee or some frappe.

Usually, cafes are just in the cities – you can never find one in a town that is faraway from the city. So if you’re living in a place that is an hour away from the city and you want some peace of mind by going to some cafes, it would take a lot of time before you would actually reach your desired destination. Lucky for me, a cafe nearby has just opened. I’ve got a place where I can hang out by myself and reflect on some things. It’s just a few meters away from my house, LOL. The cafe’s name is Wing-1 Cafe. It is about 300 meters away from the town plaza and is found on the right side of the highway if you’re heading to the south of Cebu. It is found on the third floor of the building.

The cafe’s ambiance is fine. It would really make you feel like you’re just at home and just staying with some of your friends. It has three divisions: (1) The first one is found upon entering the place (2) The second one is at the center which is before the (3) terrace. If you really want to be near the menu, you can stay at the first division. If you are with your friends, you can stay on the second division which has the largest area by the way. If you have a date, well the terrace is a good place you could stay. Their menu is also very good too. I ordered a frappe, and I was satisfied with what I bought.

Awesome place isn’t it? If you would happen to go to Minglanilla, Cebu, have some time to visit this cafe. They also have free wifi there!

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