Mljet, Croatia for National Park and Untouched Nature

Looking to have a secluded, quiet holiday time in Croatia can be a bit of a challenged – but it seems like this beautiful country with islands dotted all along its coast has something to offer for everyone. For us nature lovers, it was Mljet, an island located in the southern part of the coast.

We got there by taking a ferry from Split to Korcula (another amazing island where we stayed a couple of days), then another ferry that took us from Korcula to Sobra, the main port on the island of Mljet. Then it was a local bus from Sobra to Polace, where our guesthouse was located. The next day, we were ready to start out adventures.

This gorgeous island is basically just one giant forest – so don’t expect any fancy restaurants, clubs or promenades you might find in other Croatian resorts, only breathtaking nature. Once we were rested, we decided to explore the Mljet National park. The entrance fee was around 90 kunas, or just over 10 bucks. The park is pretty big and also good for exploring on bikes, which you can rent near the entrance. Once we were there, we decided to visit the two famous lakes, one with a gorgeous monastery of St. Mary, located right in the middle of it. Once our visit to the park was finished, we spent the remainder of our days lazing around on the beautiful beaches of Saplunara.

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