Monterey Bay for The Aquarium

Some friends and I took a road trip up to Big Sur this past fall to do some camping and to enjoy the California’s scenic Highway 1. The drive itself is so amazing and beautiful with many places along the way to pull over to take a snapshot of the scene or to enjoy something like Big Sur’s famous coastal views, beaches, and waterfalls. The drive to and from Big Sur and Monterey is over half the reason why it’s one of my favorite destinations.

We stayed in Riverside Campground and booked far in advance because everywhere fills up quickly. We went on a bit of a rainy weekend but it was actually pretty nice. It drove a lot of the crowds away and we got to enjoy peaceful mornings by the stream and around the area.

One day it was raining extra hard so we drove up to Monterey for the aquarium. I’ve been to my fair share of aquariums around the US and I’ve enjoyed most of them, but Monterey’s was by far my favorite. Atlanta’s is close, but I think Monterey is still the best in my mind. Maybe it was the atmosphere from driving from the woods up there to check out the otters and jellyfish and everything, and not being wet, but the whole area had an almost magical vibe that was only amplified by the trip to the aquarium. If you’re that far north on the CA coast, the aquarium is a must along with a trip to explore the pier area where you’ll probably see some wild sea lions and the like.

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