New York City for Times Square

I was in NYC for a business trip. I stayed at The Pod Hotel which is about 1 mile away from Times Square. Depending on the time of the year you are visiting New York it is worth the walk. I walked from The Pod Hotel to Times Square, on my walk to Times Square I was able to walk through Rockafeller Center which is a nice place to visit in itself. People often call New York City the City That Never Sleeps, this is apparent why if you visit Times Square at any time of day or night. There are always hundreds of people in Times Square. I went at night and once in the day, the lights are so bright that it lights up everything around. You can see all different types of people, selling different items around on the corner, musicians playing for tips and selling their CDs, as well as just street performers. It is very interesting to find a seat and admire all of the lights, the people, and the overall feeling of being under all of those lights. It shows why this is a staple of New York and why it draws in so many people throughout the year to visit.

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