New York for Coney Island Pizza

I’ve been coming to Manhattan since high school and never managed to make it to Coney Island, so I made it a point to make it out there the next time I came out and I was happy I did.

Coney Island is not your standard-issue modern amusement park, so if you go there with that in mind, you’re going to be bummed. It’s a piece of history you go visit for awesome people watching in the high season, and for some OK rides, and to check out the beach. Debated getting a hotdog from Nathan’s to add that to the experience, but the line was a little crazy, so I opted for pizza at Totonnos and I’m glad I did.

Totonno’s delivers the goods. You know how you like your pizza, so whatever that is, order it here and you’ll be as stoked. I like to try cheese as a standard for all the pizza places I visit and it was awesome. Pepperoni was good too.

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