New York, NY for Karaoke At Arlene's Grocery

Karaoke is one of those things where you either hate it or love it and I happen to be on the latter side of the fence. So when one of my friends told me to meet them at a live karaoke bar, I was there as fast as my legs could move. Seriously, most need a few drinks to get in to the mood but I walked in, signed up to belt out Strutter by Kiss and then of course squeezed my way over to the bar to order a drink. Usually you are up on stage with a person playing songs from the world’s largest playlist of lyric-less songs but not here. You are on stage with a proper band that has the ability to play whatever song you can pick out of their book. Man was I glad they had Strutter because my other go to of Still D.R.E. was nowhere to be found. The atmosphere was great and got even better as the night grew with more and more people stumbling up to the stage to give their shot at rock stardom. I highly suggest visiting this place, even if you are not the most bold of karaoke enthusiasts because after a few drinks you will be.

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Hotel Pennsylvania

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