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Its always strange seeing big cities versions of parks considering they are surrounded by so many buildings and city commotion. I went to a few small parks while spending time in NYC, but they were typically small and didn’t provide much of a view. Of course there is central park, but I’ve been there plenty of times so I wanted switch it up. A friend told me about the High Line park that is in Manhattan and it is a old freight line track that has been turned into a urbanized park! Its got great places to sit and read, beautiful flowers and gardens, and the view at sunset is amazing. The fact that the entire park is elevated makes it so special because you not only have the view of the path in front of you, but you can also look over the railing and see the city below. The park is located in the historic meat packing district and is rare to find not filled with people. I was reading and article and it said that it is New York’s most expensive park per acre! It is fairly new so the park still has a very fresh feeling to it. You also will be walking at eye level to a lot of buildings throughout Manhattan. I’d imagine working above this park would be amazing! Definitely give this place a visit if you are on that side of town.

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