Nuanquan, China for Da Shuhua

China is one of my favorite places to travel to. I was extremely excited when I got to my hotel Yuzhoush, the hotel was great, very nice! But, also after I checked in I found out that I was going to be there during the lantern festival that happens in Nuanquan. There was another guest at the hotel she was Chinese, from a town not too far from where I was staying. She told me that I must go to Da Shuhua, I am always up for a new experience and a good time so I started asking more about it. She told me the Da Shuhua is a 300-year old tradition that is practiced during the lantern festival. Performers throw over 1k degree molten iron onto the cold brick of the city gate which, creating sparks, like thousands of fire flowers that burst into the sky. This visual is where the name Da Shuhua came from as the translation to english is “Tree Flower”.

Visiting China’s culture and seeing this event in person was one of the most amazing things. Look up the dates while traveling through China to keep track of the Lantern Festival. The dates vary, but I was told that today there are four Da Shuhua performers in Wei Xian that are experimenting with different metals to produce a colorful experience that stays true to the tradition.

“The rich play with fire crackers and the poor perform Da Shuhua” – A joke from a local. I think Ill take a Da Shuhua performance over firecrackers any day of the week!

Where I stayed / started

Yuzhoush Hotel

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