Oakland, CA for Chicken and Waffles at Brown Sugar Kitchen

I always have felt like Oakland has been the overlooked city in the Bay Area. Do not get me wrong, San Francisco is a beautiful City but when people come to the Bay Area for the first time they rarely stay in Oakland. I believe Oakland has some of the best food and culture in the Bay Area and more people should give it a chance. Just recently the Brown Sugar Kitchen was voted “Best Breakfast” in San Francisco and its ironically located in Oakland. My friend had been hyping this place up for quite awhile and was finally time to see what It was all about. If you decide to check this place out, which I totally recommend. You must get there early because this place has a line wrapped around the block. I am dead serious. The locals in Oakland go crazy for this place and the hype is well deserved. The restaurant is famous for their Chicken and Waffles and thats what I ended up ordering. I have had Chicken and Waffles at other famous places such as Roscoes in Los Angeles, but the Brown Sugar Kitchen was even better. I will definitely be going back to the Brown Sugar Kitchen next time I am in the Bay Area.

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