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My girlfriend surprised me with a couple’s gift trip to I Spa in Irvine. I’m a huge fan of saunas and hot tubs, as is she, so she thought a day at the spa for both of us would be a good way to spend our anniversary. And for the most part she was right.

I Spa is the biggest spa places I’ve ever been to and the first Korean Day Spa I’ve ever been to. I’m not exactly sure what makes it different, but I will tell you that I’ve never been anywhere with more options when it comes to saunas, hot tubs, pools, or steam rooms. They even had an ice room.

I knew this was going to be a “different” experience once we checked in and we immediately had to go to our assigned gender changing rooms. That made complete sense, but having never been here before, it was a bit startling to start the experience off by stripping naked in a communal changing room then walking buck-ass naked out to the male-only pool area. The hot, medium hot, and cold pools were super nice on my muscles and joints, but the problem was there were a bunch of older guys hanging out poolside and their business was also hanging out right about eye level when you’re in the pool. Again, just slightly startling. Given that we’d never been there or had any real idea what the schedule was aside from our “body scrubs” that my girlfriend had booked, I kind of waited around in the pool area, then hopped in the steam shower for a while, then hosed off in a shower, then went out into the communal area in a shirt and some sweat shorts that the spot doles out when you ender the gender neutral zone.

I found my girlfriend out there where there was also a small cafe where you could order juices and small snacks. We then went to enjoy the wide range of saunas that all had a different theme (desert, volcano, forest, etc.) and tried out the ice room too. We separated again for our body scrubs, which is where someone scrubs your ENTIRE body down with a coarse sponge, and I do mean ENTIRE body. I left there feeling like a different person to say the least.

It was an absolutely unusual experience but I would definitely do it again. Not sure about the body scrub, but if I feel up to having another grown male adult scrub my pale naked body ever again, at least I’ll know where to go.

Sorry for the lack of pictures, but I think you’ll appreciate the lack of detail in this instance.

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