Oslo | Norway for Vikings, Weird Sculptures, and Falafel

We didn’t know very much about what Oslo had to offer before arriving. I’d asked a few friends for recommendations and the most memorable advice I’d gotten was to go to Frogner Park and to eat falafel, which sounded strange considering my assumptions regarding Norwegian cuisine, but I was down to give both a try.

Aside from those two recommendations, I also wanted to visit the viking museum in town since it’s not every day you can go see a viking ship or artifacts from their time. The museum was an intriguing place and definitely one for reflection while looking at the swords and garb from those days. I really enjoyed our quiet time here learning about the viking way of life.

Frogner Park was a bit of a poke to get to if I recall and it was a very strange place. Frognerparken houses a large number and variety of scuptures by Gustav Vigeland who probably would have been a real treat to grab an $18 beer with (Norway prices) if given the opportunity. I’m sure his perspective and view on the world would have been equally as interesting as his sculptures. The park and its sculptures are a one of a kind experience with many a photo op for immature Americans such as myself. Definitely worth the trip.

As for the falafel, I really can’t say enough good things. I don’t know what about Oslo makes the falafel so amazing, but it really is. We went to a bunch of different purveyors of fine falafels scattered about the city and they were all delicious and significantly cheaper than everything else in Oslo. Maybe the falafel is to Norway what the burrito is to California? Regardless, I would fly back to Norway just for the falafel if I could afford it. I don’t have a specific place to recommend, but a quick google search will bring up a large number of reviews arguing for who’s the best.

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