Palm Desert, CA, United States for A night under the stars

Nature lovers will fall in love with the Joshua Tree National Park situated in the Palm Desert. Its location far deep in the desert gives an excellent opportunity to test one’s endurance and survival skills. It provides the perfect setting for team building and camping activities and parents are encouraged to take their children here so that they can learn to be strong, courageous and self-reliant.
I was on vacation in California, visiting my cousin in the summer of 2014. Going to the coffee house for a cup of fresh-brewed coffer, I found the daily newspaper put neatly on a small table next to me. The headline was pretty curious to be missed: “Bee alerts due to thirsty honeybees attracted to moisture!” Continue reading the article I was found this hidden gem in the dessert called the Joshua Tree National Park. I took mu cup of coffee and immediately searched the Internet just to know that this would definitely my next stop. So the next morning, I have my things packed together with a couple of bottles with water and some food. I was sure that the Joshua Tree National Park is worth the trip as it provides so many different activities such as hiking, camping under the starts, rock climbing and ranger programs where a park ranger can be your guide. My heart leaped with joy at the thought of seeing the palm oasis but unfortunately most of them were closed due to extremely hot and dry conditions. Obviously I needed a plan B and that was the moment I decided that I will spend a night under the starts. You know that in urban areas where pollution and artificial lightning is extremely high no starts can be seen. Now I had the chance to admire Milky way and Meteor showers during the moonless summer nights. Sleeping under the stars was a strange experience as I had never done this before. Luckily, there were 9 different campgrounds available in the Joshua Tree National Park. Camping cost $15 per site, per night at campgrounds without water and $20 per site, per night at the three campgrounds with potable water. Although I have some water still boiling in my backpack, I decided to pay 5$ more and do not worry about the fact that I could finish my vacation dehydrated.

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Do not forget to take enough water with you!

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Joshua Tree National Park

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