Panathenaic Stadium for The World;s Only White Marbel Stadium

Now I am at the Panathenaic Stadium. If you already travel to Greece or Athens, you might have already know about this place. As Panathenaic Stadium is widely known all throughout the world for being the only one marble stadium, It is beautiful, lovely charming and very delightful to watch.

If you are new with the Panathenaic Stadium names. You must visit this place or search on the net for learning more about it. Baseball lover will be surely familliar with it. As the marbelous stadium is genuienly is a baseball stadium where several time many sports and other occasion has been held. it looks so wonderful when they held a concert on night. The marbelling stadium and dream light has created some really romantic moments what you will enjoy a lot.

Myself I very fortunate or lucky for grab the opportunity to see a live concert at night. You know what it looks really amazing, unique and lovely. The concert last more than couple of hours but I didn’t even realize how the time gone by? As i am enjoying the show and mostly the environment.

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Take your girlfriend or wife with you. This can be very romantic at the night time.

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