Paris, France for Pixel Art Scavenger Hunt

When I was in Paris wandering around, I kept seeing these little pixel mosaics on signs, buildings, and just about everything in my path. Mostly they take form of the 1980s arcade game space invaders. I had to do some research to find out who was this person and why was I so enthralled by these little space alien mosaics. I felt the need to find and catalogue at least mentally everyone that I saw. It was the funnest distraction I have had while traveling because everywhere I went I was on the lookout. In the 90s the trend was started by French street artist that went by the name Invader. There are a ton of people that ran with the idea, now there are different styles and they are all over the place with different characters and what not. Essentially like choosing your own graffiti tag, except it is in mosaic form. It is fascinating and beautiful. There is not specific directions I can give you, but just a heads up to keep your eyes peeled! Once you see one it will unravel and you will start seeing them everywhere, it is what happened to me.

I walked around aimlessly searching, I walked back to my lovely hotel the Saint James Paris to tell everyone I had met about the experience, the locals werent as shocked but loves them just the same.

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