Philadelphia for Day of brew tours

Have you ever had one of those days that you just want to drink all day but you also do not want it to be a total waste of a day. Let me tell you about a day I had in Philly awhile back that one felt productive and secondly entertaining, and most of it even came with at least one free beer. There is a little bit of an agenda here but you can do it however you want.

12PM: I figured if the day is going to be filled with drinking and theres going to be some hustle involved, I needed to start at Philadelphia Brewing Co. as soon as I could. I got on the free brewery tour, I had a sample of one of the six beers in the tasting room… Oh wait, no I had six of six tastes, I did mention that it is all free right?

1:45PM: This is a quick tour, not too long, but you get to peek inside operations at Saint Benjamin which is always great and then try one of their beers. My favorite was the Saint Benjamin’s Lavender Liasion Saison. But you gotta move quick from here and head to…..

2:30PM: Yards, you have to be careful because I had to jump in an Uber and then got stuck in traffic. I think I made the last tour of the day, you are really threading the needle pulling this off but luckily it worked for me. Remember, grab that free sample!

3:45PM: Get back in an Uber of course, no drinking and driving at this point. You are going to want to go to Fairmont. Check out Crime & Punishment Brewing Co. Also, keep in mind that for me, there were almost zero dollars spent up until this point (I had an extra pint here or there) But this is the last tour that I had this day.

Good thing about Philly, there is good beer everywhere. It is easy to find a great pint, I ended my day finding a happy hour and grabbing a bite to eat and meeting up with some friends

Where I stayed / started

Philadelphia Brewing Co.

Have you done this? What can you add to this jrrny?

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