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For those who know, Philadelphia has been one of the greatest American cities for skateboarding, on and off, for the last 20 or so years. Love Park was the lighthouse calling skateboarders in like moths to a candle since the early 90s, and given that Love was due for a “renovation,” some friends and I decided to take a trip out there since none of us had ever been.

Love is as great as you’d expect. The locals are so dedicated that they’ll even shovel out the ledges during the peak of winter so they can keep skating while everyone else is bundled up indoors. Love is a one of a kind plaza, for skateboarding and for tourists alike, so why the city would decide to nix it is beyond me, but I guess they’d rather not encourage the likes of skateboarders to come spend money on food, lodging, gas, and merchandise in the City of Brotherly Love. Oh, well, there’s always Barcelona.

Beyond Love, we hit Muni, another hot spot, and pushed around the city for random spots that you’ll find while meandering about. We hit up Nocturnal for some spot suggestions and to check out the legendary skate shop owned by Kerry Getz and it was good to see kids hanging out and supporting.

We warmed up at Paine’s park a few times and that park is absolutely amazing. A lot of ledges with a bit of street-inspired tranny to get your legs warmed up before pushing around to spots. Hard to beat. For some more tranny we also hit up the legendary Philly Park aka FDR, which like, Burnside, is pretty gnarly, but super fun.

Our Air BNB was solid. It fit 5 of us pretty well at an affordable price and was great when we came home and could take showers and relax after a full day out. They treated us right and didn’t try to stiff us when our local friend crashed on the floor for a night.

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