Philadelphia for Vegan Cheesesteaks

Came to Philly to check out a few grad schools and to hit up the infamous Blackbird Pizza for a vegan cheesesteak. I’d heard a lot about this place from some friends who come to Philly every year for the This Is Hardcore festival and sometimes I think their standards have been lowered a bit due to lack of options. People hear vegan pizza and just because they haven’t had it in so long, they think it’s automatically amazing, when if you have had normal pizza in the last year or so, you know that it can be a bit lackluster. Blackbird was in no way lackluster.

I don’t know how Blackbird’s cheesesteak stacks up against the Philly mainstays of Gino’s or whoever else’s, but it passed my test with flying colors. All of their food did. We went back on another night and shared some pizza and wings, which were also terrific and every time we ate anywhere else, I found myself thinking, why are we eating here when we could be at Blackbird? Though I did enjoy Xiandu Thai’s Masseman Curry and spring rolls when we had dinner there one night.

A few friends recommended another smaller cheesesteak place and my girlfriend swears Blackbird’s was better. Chances are if you’re going to visit Philly, you’re going to try a cheesesteak. Don’t miss out just because of your dietary or conscientious objections. Hit up Blackbird!

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