Pittsburgh for Incline Rides and Ice Cream

This is a Pittsburgh must whether you’re just visiting or you’ve lived there forever, but chances are if you’ve lived in the Burgh, you’ve definitely taken the incline either out of novelty or necessity to get to or from Mount Washington.

“The Incline” usually describes one of two funiculars that take you from South Side just across the river from Downtown up to Mount Washington which has the best views of Downtown unless you’re some sort of pilot. The inclines are old and wooden but entirely safe, so make sure to grab a seat facing out so you can get a good view of the city and if you’re lucky enough to be in town on a clear day, the sunset can be incredible.

Beyond the views, Mt. Washington has a host of bars and restaurants, but I’d say go to Difiore’s and grab some ice cream as long as you’re not visiting in winter.

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