Pittsburgh for Phipp's Conservatory

The weather isn’t always the best in Pittsburgh so it’s nice to know there’s a place like Phipp’s where you can go to escape the rain or snow, which can get very old very quick in Steel City.

Phipp’s hosts a great assortment of botanicals and plant life in a beautiful building. Each room has a different theme based on the region and climate, so they try to keep it pretty warm and at times moist depending on the plants’ temperament. My girlfriend was amazed at the size of the fig trees and the gigantic agave.

In addition to the flora and fauna, Phipp’s has a food court with a healthy assortment of tasty options as well as some coffee and I believe beer and wine. They also rent the space out for weddings and events, which is pretty swanky.

Parking is easy with machines out front though you might want to drop the elderly off a bit closer as you might get stuck with a spot a ways from the front entrance. Also, mind the roaches come wintertime as the cold will drive them indoors and they love the humidity inside.

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Phipp's Conservatory


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