Pittsburgh for The Opposite of Health Food

Of all the names on the laundry list of amazing eateries in Pittsburgh that I can rattle off at the top of my head, none of them are what any sensible person would consider to be all that healthy. It’s no real wonder that the “Steel Nation” wasn’t historically powered by kale and relied more heavily on some sort of combination of breads, cheeses and meats, so as long as you’re ok with high calories, you’ll be happy indulging in any of these fine places.

Breakfast at Pamela’s. Their hot cakes are what I’d recommend. They’re huge and delicious and with some potatoes, it’s more than enough to fill me up. There’s a handful of Pamela’s Diners located around the city and most of them are cash only, so be advised.

Primanti Brothers is a staple of the Burgh. They take spongy bread and throw all the fixings on top including fries and cole slaw. Add a bit of hot sauce and you’re in business. They’re open late and always great and there’s a bunch of these around the city.

Pittsburgh has a big Polish population so there’s a good amount of places with dynamite Pierogi’s. Bloomfield Bridge Tavern does a cheap Pierogi Night every now and again, as does Rock Room in Polish Hill. Yelp Pierogi’s in Pittsburgh and you’ll do all right.

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