Pittsburgh for Top 5 Steel City Pizzas

Whatever kind of pizza person you are, Pittsburgh has a slice for you. Whether you’re into gourmet crusts with high brow ingredients, or you just want a simple slice of sauce and cheese, there’s a slice in the city that will make your belly happy. There’s a hole in the wall spot serving up great pies every day, but for my money it doesn’t get any better than these:

1. Fiori’s Pizzaria
Cash only and parking can be a nightmare but for my money it doesn’t get any better than a Fiori’s pizza. Their sauce is sweet and the cheese is perfect and the pepperoni will haunt your dreams.

2. Beto’s
A unique place in that they only bake the bread and sauce and add cold toppings on top afterwards. A cup of cold cheese and pepperoni might sound odd, but it does your taste buds right.

3. Mineo’s
The crust is thin and the sauce is on point. Ask for an extra cup of cheese and you can dump it on for extra flavor. Try the Sicilian!

4. Ailleo’s
Another Squirrel Hill institution. Family owned and operated since the late ‘70s and opened by a Sicilian immigrant, Ailleo’s knows how to make terrific pizza.

5. Luciano’s
This one takes a trip out to the burbs, but it’s worth the trip. The sauce is sweet and the cheese is salty with a bit of a thicker crust than the rest of the pizzas on this list. You can eat in or grab some six packs to go.

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