Portland for Gourmet Grilled Cheese In A School Bus

“You have to try the Grilled Cheese Truck while you’re in town,” our friend told us while we were visiting Portland. I mean, I like grilled cheese, and I’m a fan of food trucks, so why not, right?

The Grilled Cheese Grill (their official name) isn’t so much your standard food truck as I’m pretty sure it mostly stays where it is parked a few steps away from a renovated school bus that serves as a dining hall. The food is good though. They keep it somewhat school themed with the names of their sandwiches, but they have some gourmet options and of the 5 of us that dined there, everyone left happy and with their appetites quelled. The tomato soup was pretty good, nothing amazing, but the grilled cheeses definitely lived up to the hype. So next time you’re in Portland, “you have to try the Grilled Cheese Truck.”

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The Grilled Cheese Grill


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