Portland, OR for Hot Wings at "Fire in the Mountain"

I had just landed in Portland after my trip to Mexico and was starving for some regular old American food. After a week of nothing but tequila and tacos, ,my body was asking for something else. My girlfriend at the time was from California and had only been to Portland several time. I have been to Portland a lot because my best friend is originally form SouthWest Portland and I went to University of Oregon in Eugene, which is an easy drive away. We agreed that I would take her out for dinner if she picked me up from the airport. I already had it planned out in my head that I was taking her to “Fire on the Mountain”.This place is really awesome. I believe there is a total of 3 of these restaurants in Portland and I wish there was more because the food is delicious and the service is even better. If you happen to be walking your dog and want to stop by to get some tasty wings, com on in as the restaurant is dog-friendly. There is a total of 12 different chicken wing sauces, all ranging in different levels of spiciness. The tater tots are also amazing here. The beer selection great, which is another reason why I absolutely love the state of Oregon and Portland. They serve a wide range of local craft beers that you can only get in Portland. All the food was fresh and everyone was satisfied. I go to this place almost every time I am in Portland and if that doesn’t exemplify how good this place is, I don’t know what does. Go see it for yourself folks. Cheers!

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