Portland, Or for Otto's Sausage Kitchen

A little off the beaten path but still worth the trek, Otto’s Sausage Kitchen serves up the closest thing to an authentic German sausage and beer combo in all of Portland. Upon first glance the place looks like a little German specialty store, which it is, but it is also a great place where you can order up a traditional German Bockwurst or an old fashion wiener and their beer selection is top notch. They have everything from your standard domestics to local micro brews and yes their German beer selection is one of the best in the city. You can order your food to go or, if it’s a nice day, they have a great patio that comes complete with some amazing smells floating off of the grill. I ended up getting The Carnivore sandwich that I paired with a Franziskaner Dunkel. The meal immediately took my back to the banks of Frankfurt where you can order beer and sausage meals along the river. I make it a point to eat here every time I am in the city.

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